New Music Video (December 2018)

Lyrics and Music by Meg Anderson 

Beats and Arrangement by DJ Hazard MD

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A dreamlike dance-theater worlding, our team of three performing artists created theatrical choreographies  in rooms, gardens and poolside of a Southern California retreat mansion. 

The scenes shifted from dreamlike to emotionally penetrating, expressing three interweaving stories of civilizing oneself at the expense of innocence, and the courage to retrieve a lost purpose from the depths.

RED DELICIOUS (July 2016) was a series of land-inspired dance vignettes installed throughout two miles of trails at Sibley's Volcanic regional preserve. Following the raw and personal stories of nine women inspired by historical witch burnings and their relationship to nature and the feral feminine. The audience snaked through the trails of the volcanic expanse to witness stories told through physical theater, dance and vocal expression. Culminating in a moonlit labyrinth, RED DELICIOUS was a dance-ritual to celebrate and free the wild self from a patriarchal story of the dangerous-unknown.   

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