Meg Anderson is a choreographer, musician and performer in Bloomington, Indiana creating immersive, experimental musicals in both conventional and found spaces combining elements of Meisner-based acting, embodied storytelling, immersive installation, and a myriad of dance and choral-music forms.

Since founding Kinetic Dust in 2007, Meg has directed, co-produced and managed, choreographed and performed in thirteen original productions including Back To The (2018), Bright Shadow (2018), and Red Delicious (2016) and has composed, co-produced and performed on their three accompanying soundtracks. 

With collaboration and a rigor for daring authenticity at the heart of her performing and directing style, Meg coaxes out and shapes a multi-disciplinary miasma of raw material into hybrids of dreamlike journeys and real, raw, fierce and funny stories. 

Audience members speak of a "unique musicality”, "other-worldly vulnerability” and an "authentic relationship to gravity” in her performances. While she owes these compliments to countless teachers and mentors, some powerful influences and trainings include : Countertechnique with Joy Davis, hip-hop with Les Twins ; classical choral music with Jeff Wilhelm ; West African Drumming with Craig Miller ; Meisner acting method with Meisner's student, Martha Jacobs ; puppetry with Erica Mott, and physical-theater, devised-theater and mime with Nell Weatherwax.

Meg is interested in exploring what it means to have an embodied and honest relationship with emotion and gravity from the subtle to powerful and how this process can inspire ensembles and audiences alike to bring an amplified aliveness into everyday life.

Kinetic Dust © 2007