kinetic dust

Dance Maker. Music Maker. Oaklander.


Meg Anderson of Kinetic Dust uses a Loop-Pedal to create tight, acapella, gospel-like harmonies -- she beat boxes and then lays soaring melodies over everything. She is often compared to Tune-Yards, Bjork. She is a powerful, honest, fierce performer. She is also a Dancer and Choreographer. Buy her album, watch videos and find out about upcoming shows on this site. 


Meg has an honest relationship with gravity — this is rare and refreshing to see in a dancer
— PC, Dancer and Teacher, Chicago
[When I saw ‘Like Om Like Weight’], I thought, ‘how does she know me so well!?’
— MJ, Dancer, Chicago
I kept thinking ‘ok she can’t possibly blow my mind more than she already has’ and then you would play another song and totally blow my mind.
— JM, Musician, Producer, Oakland
I enjoyed your soundcheck more than any show I’ve seen in the last three months
— FG, Producer, Musician, San Francisco
The first time I saw Meg perform I thought ‘WOW this girl is bringing it ALL!’
— TC, Ashland, OR
House of Humans is still the best performance art I’ve ever seen and that was a REALLY long time ago
— K.K., Chicago
My favorite is still ‘Imaginary Solutions’ where we were lead into the forest into some crazy dream-maze. It was like a cross between David Lynch and The Sound of Music.
— LJ, Writer, Chicago
I just painted all afternoon to you in my studio. I had to scream out loud multiple times, followed by peals of giggles. OMG. YOU”RE ALIVE!!!!
— LS, San Francisco
“[‘Like Om Like Weight’] was like going to church and having a really good time
— M.A., Poet, Indianapolis, IN
I could watch Meg brush her teeth
— LC, Voice Teacher, Performer, Chicago the director, she brought things out of me that I didn’t know were there. Her creations move and release both artists and audience.
— Phoebe Spier (, Musician, Portland, OR
“I’ve listened to this album [] about 50 times already”
— BC, San Francisco