kinetic dust

Dance Maker. Music Maker. Oaklander.


Meg Anderson of Kinetic Dust uses a Loop-Pedal to create tight, acapella, gospel-like harmonies -- she beat boxes and then lays soaring melodies over everything. She is often compared to Tune-Yards, Bjork. She is a powerful, honest, fierce performer. She is also a Dancer and Choreographer. Buy her album, watch videos and find out about upcoming shows on this site. 


Dancer, Singer, Writer, Composer, Director: Not There Yet, SAFEhouse for the ARTS, San Francisco, CA, Jan 2015

Dancer, Singer, Writer, Composer: Dizzy, Foundry Nights, Berkeley, CA, Oct 2015

Director, Composer, Improviser: Red, A Moment’s Notice, Berkeley, CA, Sep 2014

Dancer, Singer, Writer, Composer: Garden, Foundry Nights, Berkeley, CA, Oct 2013

Dancer, Singer, Writer, Composer: Prism, Links Hall, Chicago, Feb 2012

Dancer, Singer, Composer: Morning Star, Space 1858, Chicago, Feb 2012

Dancer, Singer, Composer: Virus, Synphoria, Chicago, Feb 2012

Dancer, Singer, Tribute, Ditmas Accoustic, Brooklyn, NY, Sep 11 2011

Dancer, Joy Davis’s The Queen, Links Hall, Chicago, Apr – Jun 2011

Composer/Singer, Kathleen Kirk’s, Broken Sonnets, Chicago, IL, Feb 2010 

Choreographer, Self, Josh Weckesser Dance Spectacular, Chicago, IL, Aug 2009

Creator/Solo Dancer, Skin, Synphoria, Chicago, IL, Jun 2009

Creator/Solo Dancer, Reconcile, Synphoria, Chicago, IL, May 2009

Singer, John Mellencamp Studios, Belmont, IN, May 29, 2009

Singer, Untwelve Microtonal Music Festival, Evanston, IL, Jul 2008

Creator/Performer, Carnival Girl, The Seeds of Life Festival, Los Angeles, CA, Apr 2008 


  • Actor/Vocalist, Elephant, Independent Film, Chicago, IL, Jan 2007 
  • Composer and Vocalist, Chicago A Cappella Festival, Chicago, IL, Sep 200 
  • Actor, Mae, Clash By Night, The Artistic Home, Chicago, IL, Jun 2006
  • Director/Actor, The Vagina Monologues, Bloomington, IN, Feb 2002
  • Director, Born Yesterday, Bloomington, IN, Sep 2001


Composer/Co-Producer/Singer, Oxygen, Chicago, IL; Nashville, TN, Oct – Dec 2011

Composer/Co-Producer/Singer, Anitya, Nashville, TN to San Francisco, CA, Oct 2010 – Apr 2011


Co-Creator/Director/Composer/Performer, Dreambody, Chicago, IL, Sep 2010

Strange, funny dreams told in dance, movement, music and installation. Setting: Mansion 

Creator/Co-Director/Composer, B for Butterfly Powder, Chicago, IL, Nov 2009

An adaptation of Virginia Woolf’s The Waves: Beautiful -- and moving. ‘B for Butterfly Powder’ captures and translates into movement and music something at the heart of this lyrical book -- the stark being that we glimpse, but rarely, behind seemingly solid shapes and appearances.” Christine Froula, Ph.D and Author of Virginia Woolf and the Bloomsbury Avant-Garde: War, Civility, Modernity (Columbia UP, 2005). Setting: Mansion

Choreographer/Performer, Gathering of The Embers, Chicago, IL, Apr 2009

A powerhouse trio dances the destruction of “The Book” to find real love again.

Co-Creator/Composer/Performer, Allone, The Birdhouse, Knoxville, TN, Jul 2007

A powerhouse duet dances the silly and real journey of the self finding the self.

Creator/Choreographer/Performer, Like Om Like Weight, Chicago, IL, Mar 2007

An autobiographical, coming-of-age, one-woman musical. Setting: Mansion 

Writer/Director, Beta Rhythms, Lake Street Church, Evanston, IL, Feb 2006

Six dancers move from a state of free-play to adulthood, falling victim to the rhythms of the city, ripping away into destruction, then finding innocence.

Director, Waves, John Waldron Arts Center, Bloomington, IN, Aug – Oct 2004

One-womans vision question in the Amazon – danced and sung by an ensemble morphing in and out of current and past, dream and reality.

Director/Performer, House of Humans, Bloomington, IN, May 2004

Playful and serious vignettes about our unbridled animal nature which lurks beneath our manufactured propriety. Setting: modest-sized home

Co-Writer/Director/Performer, Imaginary Solutions, Bloomington, IN, Jan – Sep 2003

A bizarre, haunting, colorful dream featuring five women. Setting: Forest


  • Axis Syllabus, The Bay Area Axis Community, Oct 2014 – Current
  • West African Drumming, Craig Miller, Sep 2014 – Current
  • Voice, Jeff Horvath, Chicago, IL. Jan 2012 – Sep 2013
  •  Contact Improvisation, Link’s Hall, Chicago, IL. Jul 2005 – Sep 2013
  •  Drumset, Jeremy Cox, Chicago, IL. Feb – Mar 2012
  • Music Theory and Composition, Jeremy Cox, Chicago, IL, 2009
  • Puppet Theatre, Erica Mott, Chicago, IL, Sep 2009 – Mar 2010
  • Personal Practice, Molly Shanahan, Links Hall, Chicago, IL, Jun 2009
  • Butoh, Nicole Legette, Chicago, IL, Summer 2009
  • Ballet, Asimina Chremos, Silverspace, Chicago, IL, Summer 2009
  • Drummer, Dancer, Be The Groove, Chicago, IL Sep – May 2009
  • Meisner Method, Monica Payne, Los Angeles, CA, Mar – May 2008
  • Kundalini Yoga, Ananda Ashram, Los Angeles, CA Jan – May 2008
  • Contact Improvisation, Dance Home, Los Angeles, CA, Jan 2008
  • The Countertechnique, The Birdhouse, Knoxville, TN, Jul – Dec 2007
  • Butoh, Blushing Poppy Studio, Chicago, IL, Jan – Jun 2007
  • Jazz Piano, Bloom School of Jazz, Chicago, IL, Jan – Feb 2006
  • Meisner Method, The Artistic Home, Chicago, IL, Feb 2005 – Feb
  • Modern Dance, Madshak Studios, Chicago, IL, Jul 2005 – Jun 2007
  • Modern Dance, Duke University, Durham, NC, Jun – Jul 2005
  • Meisner Method, Bloomington, IN, Aug 2004 – May 2005
  • Modern Dance, Bloomington, IN, Oct 2004 – Jun 2005
  • Ballet, Windfall Dance Studios, Bloomington, IN, Oct 2004 – Jun 2005
  • Corporeal Mime, Blooming Lotus, Bloomington, IN, May – Sep 2003
  • Authentic Movement, Bloomington, IN, Mar 2002 – May 2005
  • Meisner Method, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Jan – May 2002
  • Composition, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Jan – May 2000
  • Creative Writing, Indiana University, Bloomington, IN, Jan – May 2000
  • Physical Theatre, Bloomington, IN, Aug – Jan 2000
  •   Acting, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, Jan – Mar 1999
  • Creative Writing, Northwestern University, Chicago, IL, Jan – Mar 1999