kinetic dust

Dance Maker. Music Maker. Oaklander.


Meg Anderson of Kinetic Dust uses a Loop-Pedal to create tight, acapella, gospel-like harmonies -- she beat boxes and then lays soaring melodies over everything. She is often compared to Tune-Yards, Bjork. She is a powerful, honest, fierce performer. She is also a Dancer and Choreographer. Buy her album, watch videos and find out about upcoming shows on this site. 

[This "Back To The" soundtrack] is hitting a spot I didn't know I had - S.B, San Francisco, CA

Your movement is precisely groovy. It's like... Mathematical. And that's a compliment! - T. James, Oakland, CA

Imaginary Solutions was like a moving painting; a cross between David Lynch and The Sound of Music  - Kev A., Graphic Novelist, Chicago

I could hear the movement - Justin S, Dancer, Chicago

I still think about House of Humans -- Probably the best experimental theatre piece I've ever seen - Kevin K, Actor, Bloomington, IN

Like Om Like Weight was like going to church and having a really good time - Mervyn A., Actor, Musician, Poet, Bloomington, IN

There isn't a social construct she doesn't challenge. - Lorna J, Writer, Chicago

Wo, This girl is bringing it ALL -- Theresa C, Sonoma

This is why the Greeks invented theater - Aria N., poet, Chicago